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Welcome to DrakeLexi GlassArt,
We are a new fused glass connection.We also offer hand blown glass
WOW!!! Been a while I guess... ok so...

However we are now known as Drakira Glass.
I am Mrs. Beagle.
Pukinbeagle is my hubby, Him and the Beagle boys own their own shop here in Colorado and along with other glassblowers myself and our daughter,a full service glass manufactures emerged.

I work the fused glass and slumping.
To order you may email me @:
Shipping will be added at time of order.
I accept money orders and cashiers checks, once I have received I will send.

Our daughter Nina works the Torch tips.

Please visit the beagle on this site under:
You may also find us on Facebook under:
Pukinbeagle Glass


Profile Link: http://www.FusedGlassArtists.org/Lioness

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