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Brent Freiburger
I have been making glass for 5 years, started as a hobbie which led to a passion for creativity. I sell my art at art festivals in Austin, and at sunset canyon pottery. It would be nice to sell something through fusedglassartists.org, however I view this as a documentation format, purely a portfolio opportunity. To see my other stuff and a more in depth view of my work visit brentfreiburger.squarespace.com, thanks for looking and I look foward to seeing other awesome work by fused glass artists.

Brent Freiburger
Austin TX  

Profile Link: http://www.FusedGlassArtists.org/BrentFreiburger

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Brent Freiburger's Gallery

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Cosmic Surplus ( Images: 33 )

Cyclops Revenge ( Images: 34 )

Cyclops Revenge ( Images: 7 )

Ocean Items ( Images: 29 )

Universe Collides ( Images: 39 )

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